The Procedure

Hysteroscopy is an surgical procedure in which a small telescope (the size of a pencil) is used to inspect the inside of the uterus. A camera is attached to the end of the telescope and the image is viewed on a video monitor. Surgery is carried out while looking at this monitor.

Hysteroscopy may be recommended for evaluation for abnormal uterine bleeding recurrent pregnancy loss abnormal findings on a hysterosalpingogram, ultrasound, or pelvic exam may also require a hysteroscopy for further evaluation.

uterine fibroids, polyps and septums [divisions] are evaluated as well as treated hysteroscopically Operative hysteroscopy is used for the treatment of sub mucus myomas, septal resection, management of intrauterine synechiae, utero tubal canulation & management of menorrhagia by TCRE.

IUCD retrieval

In case of a lost IUCD, the gynaecologist can grasp the IUCD strings or an arm of the IUCD and extract the sme from the uterine cavity under direct visualization.