As quoted by Heraclitus – “Change is the only constant”. You cannot expect any development if you are not ready to accept changes. Motherhood brings along plenty of changes – change in body shape, change of constitution of family members, change of TV channel, and what not. So, if the change is so inevitable, let us prepare together for the change beforehand for better adoption?

To welcome a healthy baby, certain essential changes need to be made before you get pregnant.

Avoid Alcohol

It is an unarguable debate that drinking during pregnancy can cause severe birth defects. However, researchers are yet to declare the degree of harmful effect of occasional consumption of alcohol. No specific amount of alcohol has been drawn to mark it safe for pregnancy as yet. So, you actually cannot say how much is too much. Ladies who have a lower level of enzymes are unable to break down alcohol faster and it cannot be predicted how long the alcohol may circulate in the body before it attacks the fetus. Prevention is always better than cure. Why take that unnecessary risk?

Kick the butt

Smoking is never a good idea anyway! Now that you are pregnant, it is all the more important to kick this habit. Smoking has a harmful effect on you and your baby’s health. Carbon monoxide and nicotine are considered too poisonous for the body particularly when you are trying to conceive. Smoking elevates the risk of miscarriage, premature labour, birth defects, sudden infant death syndrome, respiratory problems, etc. With multiple dangers lurking over your unborn child, you might as well stay away from the cigarette.


Weighty issue

Usually, overweight is the focus of all problems, but one tends to overlook that being underweight could also be a matter of concern. Overweight or underweight, either way, woman’s fertility is adversely affected. It creates a hormonal imbalance which has a direct impact on ovulation. Thus, it is important to maintain correct Body Mass Index before you plan your pregnancy. An ideal BMI (Body Mass Index) range lies between 18.5 to 24.9. You can find out if your BMI is appropriate by dividing your weight (in kilograms) by the square of your height (in meters).

Mother Nature

What can be better than starting your pregnancy on a healthy note? If you haven’t started eating healthy stuff, then it’s never too late. Mother Nature has an abundance of nutrition for you to become a mother. Include garden-fresh fruits and vegetables, food rich in protein and iron, whole grain food, etc. Studies suggest that certain nutrients positively affect your hormones, ovulation, menstruation health, boost fertility and improve the overall reproductive system.

Cuff the Caff

It is advisable to curb caffeine intake. You should not cross more than two cups of instant coffee i.e. 200 mg a day. Experts believe that caffeine is the culprit of miscarriages. You could suppress your craving for coffee by substituting it with vegetable smoothies, fresh fruit juices, decaffeinated or herbal teas or simply water.

Welcome new changes if you want to welcome a new member of the family.