Frequently Asked Questions

What are the risks involved in having fertility treatment?
The main risks are adverse drug reactions and having a multiple birth.

Why is there so much concern about having twins or triplets after fertility treatment?
Having a multiple birth (twins, triplets or more) is the single greatest health risk associated with fertility treatment.
Multiple births carry risks to both the health of the mother and to the health of the unborn babies. Twins or triplets are more likely to be premature and to have a below-normal birth weight.

How will I know if I am going through menopause?
Women who are perimenopausal (the period of time just before the cessation of monthly cycles) may experience irregular periods, hot flashes, or night sweats. Some women also experience vaginal dryness or mood swings. Symptoms are highly variable, with some women having only mild complaints that diminish with time, while others have relatively severe symptoms that may disrupt their daily lives.

My periods have recently become irregular. When should I make an appointment to see my doctor?
Irregular cycles are a common problem with a wide variety of causes. Stress, hormone disorders such as hyper or hypothyroidism, weight changes, fibroids and even undiagnosed pregnancy can result in irregular bleeding. Given the wide range of causes, it is best to see your doctor for an examination to ensure there are no underlying problems.

What should I do if I think I might have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease?
If you have any suspicion or concerns about a possible sexually transmitted disease exposure, including gonorrhea, chlamidia, herpes, or HIV, we recommend making an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible as some infections can become severe if left untreated.