Married couples are driven by the desire to have a baby. While some are successful soon after marriage, it takes a few years in others' cases.

It is important to consider natural outcomes in pregnancy. Within a year of marriage if the couple are having regular intercourse, 90% of the women should become pregnant. This figure rises to 95% after a 2 year period. No fertility treatment should be started during this period, as the delay in pregnancy is by chance, since these couples have low normal fertility than infertility. Thus 5-10% of couples will seek medical advice for delay in achieving pregnancy.



These couples, without further delay, should be investigated and referred to a specialist early. It is vital that investigations are planned bearing in mind that 15% of couples have multiple causes of infertility. It is wiser to do complete investigation in the beginning than to start treatment on the first abnormal result.

If a woman is over 35 years, there is a substantial fall in the chance of success with fertility treatment. A woman of 35 years with an older partner would have a 20% chance of conceiving in any month. Compare this to a woman in 19-26 years of age who has a 50% chance of conceiving.